MV Committee

The current MV Committee Members and Support Staff are:

President Karen Loh
Secretary Chen Poh Leng
Treasurer Kon Cze Yan
French Volunteers’ Liaison Dany Picot
Japanese Volunteers’ Liaison Kayoko Omata
Mariko Maruyama
Kazuko Amako
Schools Programme Coordinator Yee Chun Wah
Marie-Andree Abbot
Focus Events Coordinator Mona Tan
Alvin Woon
Librarian May Yau
Webmaster Maganjeet Kaur
Weekday Trainer V. Jegatheesan
Chen Poh Leng
Jean-Marie Metzger
M. Ramanathan
Laurence Maille Salmon
Anne Deguerry Viala
Weekend Trainer Lim Ee Lin
Yong Khee Chong (KC)
Ching Yook Ling
Jabatan Muzium Malaysia Mohd Jamil Haron
Norfiza Zainal Abidin

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