School Programme – Special Needs School, Puchong

On 17 April, 24 students from the Special Needs School in Puchong participated in a school trip to Muzium Negara and ten museum volunteers were at hand to make this a fun trip for them.

The students, aged between 7 and 12, were divided into three groups and were led through Galleries A, B and C by the volunteers.  The students were engaged throughout and gave the volunteers their focused attention.  Upon completing the tour of the galleries, they assembled at Dataran Muzium and took part in a few traditional games, namely the baling tin, gerek buluh and sepak buluh ayam.

Playing the Gerek Buluh
Playing the Gerek Buluh

This picture shows the children playing the Gerek Buluh.  In this game, a wheel is attached to a long bamboo handle and the participants are required to roll the wheel to the opposite side and hand it over to their partners who will then take over in a relay.  The winner is, and no marks for guessing, the team that is first to reach the finish line.

The children had the most fun in this game.  Although some of them had difficulty controlling the wheel and went zig-zag instead of going in a straight line, they all managed to hold on to the bamboo and finish the game.

Below are pictures of the children touring the galleries.  Kudos to volunteers Cay, Mique, Karen, Fafa, Miju, Vallie, Zakaria, Sarah, Serena and Colin for taking the time out and making it a fun day for the students.




Schools Programme – 2012

MV runs a special programme for schools whereby schools, organising trips to Muzium Negara, can request MV’s help.  The volunteers will engage the students in activities that are fun and educational.  Led by Cay Maru, the MV School Programme Group has responded to the requests of many schools, both local and international.  Below are MV’s interaction with two of these schools in 2012.

Bukit Jalil Students having a go at Archaeology

84 students and 4 teachers from Bukit Jalil Sports School visited Muzium Negara on 25 April 2012 and they were treated to a fun packed day.

In addition to interesting activities in the indoor galleries which included working through an activity worksheet, the students also had the opportunity to experience working as an archaeologist at the Discovery Room.

On 5 July 2012, MV played host to 21 students and 6 teachers from the Sekolah Kebangsaan Jalan Peel KL, which is a school for hearing impaired students.  The students were treated to a guided tour of the indoor galleries.  Other activities included folding a tengkolok at the Discovery Room and participating in traditional games at Dataran Muzium.

SK Jalan Peel students having fun with traditional games
SK Jalan Peel students folding tengkolok at the Discovery room
Volunteers posing with students of the SK Jln Peel for a group photo

MV Schools Programme takes on 350 kids in one day!

On November 27, 2010, the schools programme took on its biggest challenge yet , by hosting 350 kids in one day.

The children were all standard 6 ethnic Tamil school students from 10 different schools in the Klang Valley. Their excursion was funded by EWRF, an NGO dedicated to assisting less privileged Malaysian Indians. You can click here to visit their website and see all the work the group does.

MV’s Karen Loh mobilized 25 MV volunteers to run a morning of activities and investigation in the Muzium Negara. Bravo!

Blind School Visit to Muzium Negara

Some 15 Form 3 (15 years old) students from Setapak blind school visited the museum on Oct 20, 2009.
This was the first time a blind school has visited the museum with the MVM.
We had a spice “smell, taste & identify” activity with them, followed by introducing them to the “Jom main!” games and finally, Sherman and his band members from the Museum played a few popular Malaysian songs (Rasa Sayang & Gelang Si Paku Gelang) for the teenagers.
Setapak Blind School students smelling spices
MVM talk to Setapak Blind School
Setapak Blind School tambourine playing
Setapak Blind School visit
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