A Malaysian Tapestry

In conjunction with their tenth anniversary, Museum Volunteers, JMM, has put together ‘A Malaysian Tapesty: Rich Heritage at the National Museum’ as a companion to the collections at the National Museum. With a spotlight on the masterpieces of the museum, items of cultural importance, and other favourite exhibits, it tells the background story of significant events in the history of Malaysia from prehistoric times, through the classical Malay kingdoms and the colonial era to the coming of independence. From artefacts to colourful colonials, from traditional practices to legendary heroes, A Malaysian Tapestry guides us through the museum with an in depth view on the development of a nation over the centuries. Handsomely illustrated with stunning photographs, paintings and sketches – many of them original artworks – this book provides a fascinating complement to tours and exhibitions.

This book is available for purchase at Silverfish and Badan Warisan. Or contact us at museumvolunteersjmm@gmail.com for further information.

MV Book Cover