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Being a volunteer guide at Muzium Negara is fun and rewarding. You learn the history of Malaysia in a supportive environment, develop in-depth knowledge of the artefacts on display at the museum, and you then get to share your knowledge with visitors to the museum. Train with us and become part of this amazing experience.

Training to be a Volunteer
Send an email to if you are interested in volunteering with us. We will keep you informed on the next training session and invite you to attend a Coffee Morning where you will get to meet Volunteer Guides as well as answer any questions you may have.

There is no restriction on the nationality of the applicants, but all applicants must be above 18 years old. The courses are delivered in English and Japanese. There is also a French language group and a Korean language group that organise tours in French and Korean respectively.


25 thoughts on “Join Us”

  1. Hi, may I know whether the volunteer program still available for this year 2022? i’m interested to join the programme.

    Best regards

    1. Dear Syah Redza,

      Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, registration for the Volunteer Programme in 2022 has closed. You may email us at with your name and contact details to stay updated about it when we announce the next round again 2023.

      Museum Volunteers JMM

      1. Dear Mr. Dennis,

        Thank you for your reply. I’ll email my details for MVJMM future records.

        Best regards

        Syah Redza

  2. Hello, may I know if there will be a training session for new volunteers this year (2021)? Thank you!

    1. Hello Satrio, thank you for your interest in joining the Museum Volunteers. Unfortunately, this year is not possible as our training is on-site. Let’s hope things improve next year and we can hold it then. We hope to see you soon 🙂

  3. hi I am Winnie Tan, a tourist guide holding Mandarin(Cantonese also can), English city guide badge am and interested to be Museum Negara inhouse guide. How do i apply? Do hope to hear from you.

    1. Hi Winnie, please drop an email to to register. We are having an information morning on Sat 11 Aug during which time you will be provided with more information and you can sign-up as well.

    1. Hi John, thank-you for your interest in the Museum Volunteers. Sorry for the delay in responding to you. Hope to see you at the training.


  4. I see from your response to Shamimi (above) that a training course for volunteers commenced in February 2017 (rather than the apparently usual month of September). Will there be another training course in February 2018?

    1. Hello Patrick. The next training course will be in September 2018. We had a number of reasons for conducting the training in Feb this year (2017) but will revert to Sept from next year onward. Do forward your name to and we will keep you posted on the training dates. Hope to see you next year!

      Best regards

  5. Hi. I saw the advert in the Star News and was interested in joining your group. May I know what are the requirement in joining the group ?

    1. Hi Shamini,

      That’s great. Do send an email to and you will be be provided with all the necessary information. You need to go thorugh a training programme to be qualified as a museum volunteer and our next training session starts in Feb 2017. Hope to see you at the training.

      Best regards

    1. Hi Chan,

      Thank-you for your interest in joining the Museum Volunteers. Please do send an email to and you will be provided with all the pertinent information. Our next training session starts in Feb 2017. Hope to see you there.

      Best regards

  6. Hi , there..i hope you wouldn’t mind to answer my query…do we need to pay for this MV training ?? Many thanks ….

    1. Hi Arulmary,

      There is a one-time administrative charge of Rm100. You will be given a CD with training material as well as a set of 4 booklets on each of the Muzium’s galleries. These books are published by Muzium Negara.

      Please send an email to to register for the information talk which is normally held in the middle of the year.

      Best regards

    1. Hi Noraliza,

      Thank-you for your interest in the MV. A training programme for new volunteers starts in September every year and you will need to go through the training programme before becoming a member.

      Please send an email to indicating interest to join MV and you will be added to our mailing list for new volunteers.

      Best regards

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