The Chitties of Melaka

Title: The Chitties of Melaka

Year: 2017

Authors: Karen Loh, Jegatheesan Velupillay

Length:  243 pages

ISBN: 978-967-0372-27-3

The Chitties, or Chettis, of Melaka are one of the first communities of Peranakan descent in Malaysia. They are descendants of South Indian traders who married local women during the earliest days of the Melaka Sultanate. These intermarriages have resulted in a unique and colourful heritage of a community whose language, food, dress, as well as religious and cultural practices, are influenced not only by their Hindu beliefs but also by the traditions of their neighbours. However, while being well known in Melaka, little is known about them in the other states of Malaysia.

An initial study of this community by the authors led to a keen interest in their way of life and, with the support of the Department of Museums Malaysia, they have recorded their discoveries in this book. It is hoped that this book will promote a better knowledge and understanding of the Melaka Chitties.