Museum Volunteers – 7th Graduation Ceremony

16 March 2013

Trainee docents in batches 16, 17 and 18 started their docent training program in Sept 2012 and after months of hard work, 54 trainees graduated in a ceremony held at the auditorium of Jabatan Muzium Malaysia bringing the total number of volunteers to 180. It was a year of ‘firsts’ with a record number of 20 Malaysian and 18 Japanese volunteers graduating.  Other volunteers came from France, the UK, Poland, Singapore, Australia and Korea.

Karen Loh – President of MV

In her welcome speech, Karen was confident that all the new graduates are ready to guide as they have been equipped with more than enough knowledge to conduct a proper tour of the national museum.  Karen also thanked all the course leaders for their time and dedication and having prepared the new docents so well.

Karen then stressed on commitment and reminded the docents that they have committed to 2 years of active service as a volunteer.  Most volunteers are committed and active but there have been cases of trainees leaving as soon as the training program is over.  Karen was confident that none of the new graduating docents would do that, unless beyond their control.

Karen’s speech was followed by speeches from representatives of the graduating batches 16, 17 and 18.  First up were Arfah Hani Abdullah and Anne Lemetter from batch 16 with a funny sketch and an interesting speech.  Then Sharifah Seri Lailah and Kenji Sato, from batches 17 and 18 respectively, had the audience riveted as they recounted their experiences as a trainee.



Zanita Anuar, Director of Innovation Unit, gave a speech next and thanked all museum volunteers for their dedication and hard work.  The speeches were followed by presentation of awards to the graduates.

Graduating batch 16
Graduating batch 17
Graduating batch 17
Graduating batch 18
Graduating batch 18

The trainers were not forgotten and were called on-stage and each presented with a beautiful piece of silk batik.  The trainers were : Batch 16 – Asma, Marie & Hayley; Batch 17 – Cze Yan, Justin, Jane, William and Karen; Batch 18 – Mr. Masayuki, Mr. Shigenori, Ms Naomi, Ms  Yui Togo, Ms  Yui Isaka, Ms Hiroko Shibata and Ms Junko Mori.

Trainers of batches 16, 17 and 18
Trainers of batches 16, 17 and 18

Refreshments were served after the graduation ceremony.  Enjoy the pictures below.

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Master of Ceremonies - Stuart
Master of Ceremonies – Stuart
Fiza – From Jabatan Muzium

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