MRT Link: Walking between Muzium Negara and KL Sentral

by Maganjeet Kaur

The nearest train station to Muzium Negara is the Muzium MRT station. However, if you are taking the LRT, you can get off at the KL Sentral station and walk to the museum via the walkway that links the LRT and the MRT stations. This walkway is well sign-boarded. It is a short and convenient walk. The downside is that, as you are not taking the MRT, you will incur a cost of Rm0.80 for walking through the MRT station.

You can avoid paying the Rm0.80 by taking an alternative route, albeit a little circuitous.

Walking from KL Sentral to Muzium Negara

  • Follow the sign-boards towards the MRT Station
  • Look out for a fork. Take the right branch, following the sign-board that says ‘Menara CIMB|Q Sentral’
    • The left branch would take you down the escalator to the MRT Station where you will have to make the Rm0.80 payment
  • You will come to a T-Junction. The left will take you to the CIMB carpark. Take the right (this is a sharp turn) towards Q Sentral.
  • Go down the escalator
  • Take the lift to ‘LG2’. When you go out of the building, you will see Muzium Negara on the opposite side of Damansara Road.
  • Go into the MRT Station and take two escalators down to cross this road.
  • Take the lift/escalator/stairs to Muzium Negara.

Walking from Muzium Negara to KL Sentral

  • At the MRT Station, head towards St Regis / Pintu A|Jalan Damansara.
  • Take two escalators up to cross Damansara Road.
  • Go into Q Sentral (on your right as you come out). It is the building between St. Regis Hotel and CIMB.
  • Take the lift to ‘G’.
  • Take the escalator up.
  • Turn around and head towards a signboard that says MRT / KL Sentral / Menara CIMB|Hilton|Le Meridien.
  • Turn left at the T-junction (turning right takes you to CIMB’s carpark).
  • Follow the signboards to KL Sentral.

Switching between the LRT and MRT line

If you are taking the LRT, you can opt to switch to the MRT line at the Pasar Seni station.

Get off the Pasar Seni LRT station. Go down to the MRT platform and hop onto the MRT line (towards Sungai Buloh). The two stations are connected and you don’t have to exit the barriers. The Muzium MRT station is one stop away. The fare difference is only 10 sen to change trains at Pasar Seni instead of getting off at KL Sentral.

The stations’s on the right

Author: Museum Volunteers, JMM

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