MV President’s Message

For the period January 2023 – March 2023

It has been a busy start to the year – firstly, in January, with our MV Breakfast Party and, with the introduction of new Muzium Negara curators, Puan Shenna and Cik Aesya. MVs are also supported by Cik Prema, Assistant Curator BKK (Corporate Communications) JMM, who came into her new role early this year. Monthly focus talks resumed in February and the MV research team met physically for the first time post pandemic in the same month.

MV guiding and mentoring are currently ongoing. So far, we are happy to welcome 13 new MVs to the team. VIP tours this quarter were led by MVs Ee Lin, Alfred and Li Ling. In addition, our focus speaker Mr. Yap Keam Min was impressed by MV Emna’s first public tour of Muzium Negara.

The Kelantan Art and Culture festival at Muzium Negara was well-attended. MVs were made to feel very welcome. It was also a celebration of diversity since the event was JMM’s first under the Ministry of National Unity. We look forward to participating in similar events at the museum.

On March 6, the MV Committee organized an appreciation lunch for Jega and May, both of whom were long-standing committee members and who are now regular MVs. On behalf of MVs, we treated them to a delicious Korean meal and fancy chocolates. These are just tokens of appreciation for their many contributions over the years. Once again, thank you Jega and May!

Recently, MV Executive Secretary, Poh Leng had the pleasure of sharing our experience as a voluntary organization with 4 representatives from PNB Merdeka Ventures. Stadium Merdeka and Stadium Negara heritage sites under their management are about to reopen their doors to the public after extensive renovation. We are happy for these sites to benefit from our own experience with the public. These sharing sessions indicate that MVs have a reputation for providing quality service.

MVs, we are gearing up for an exciting 2023. This year marks the 60th anniversary of Muzium Negara. We are honored to play a part in sharing Malaysia’s landmark with the public. Together and with the support of JMM, we aim to improve our service further. Here’s to a productive year!

Welcome to our new MVs!

  1. Emna Esseghir
  2. Swee Fun @ Lobsang Wong
  3. Lai Yin Tze
  4. Noor Hazera Sohri
  5. Freida Mohd. Pilus (Dato’)
  6. Tee Mei Ling, Diana
  7. Wong Yun Teng
  8. Martina Ziesse
  9. Kim Mijeoung (Alice)
  10. Kulwant Kaur a/p Tara Singh
  11. Subramaniam AV Shankar
  12. Yeo Suyin
  13. Rueben Daniel

Author: Museum Volunteers, JMM

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