Museum Volunteers’ Annual Dinner – Bollywood Style

By Hani Abdullah

The Museum Volunteers (MV), a non-profit organisation hosted under the Department of Museums Malaysia, has been operating for six years now and chose to celebrate its anniversary recently in an annual dinner themed “Odissi Night”.

Stuart tying a turban with Karen looking on
Stuart tying a turban with Karen looking on

Volunteers from all the training batches came together, dressed in Bollywood-style with garlands, pottu, headgear and all, and were treated to a delectable array of Indian cuisine – vegetarian, halal and non-vegetarian – as well as a night of fun-filled entertainment complete with prizes, all provided for by among their own volunteers.

At first, the 50 adults and 7 children were given a saree-tying demonstration, where three different styles were shown, before a competition was held for the most decent-looking saree tied within 5 minutes.

Mariana and Effa dancing to "Chammak Challo"
Mariana and Effa dancing to “Chammak Challo”

Then the song “Chammak Challo”, one of the most famous Bollywood songs, filled the air while two volunteers gave a captivating, hip-gyrating, dance performance that could put the likes of Kareena Kapoor to shame, and which managed to pull the crowd to the floor to join them in a surreal Hindi movie-like flash-mob performance.

Volunteers strutting their stuff
Volunteers joining in the dance

Later a tricky museum gallery quiz was distributed to tease the volunteers more than test them with its cheeky questions, and later the best dressed female and male received their 2 minutes of fame.

A night to remember!!  Enjoy the photos below which can also be viewed on F481728_499527256744737_2023752662_nacebook386382_499527650078031_214705043_n.270142_499527230078073_1960988390_n


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