President’s Year-End Message

Karen Loh                                                                                                                                 President, Museum Volunteers, JMM

As 2012 draws to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your time, contribution and volunteer work this year. Besides guiding, it was a year full of activities and events. We began the year with a New Year potluck get-together in January, followed over the year by talks by Najib Arrifin, Rosey Ma, Dennis de Witt, Dr Farid, Jim Baker, the Magis Exhibition guided tour, Kampung Baru walking tour, trips to Ipoh, Batu Gajah and Melaka. And I am sure many will not forget our Odissi Anniversary dinner event at the Olive Tree recently. Thank you so much to our Focus Team; Kokkie, Stuart, Mariana and Cze Yan for organising these events. Our Book Club kick started this year with around 15 people who meet once a month. Led by Zahara and Reiko, the book selections with an Asian theme have not been disappointing. The book club is open to all volunteers who wish to join. Our MV blog has also been revived recently and constantly updated by Magan. If you wish to contribute to the blog, do forward your article/write-up to Magan.

From 20, we currently have 180 members in our volunteer group today. A warm welcome to our new 52 volunteers in Batches 16, 17& 18 who are currently in training. I look forward to your guided tours in English, Japanese, French, Mandarin and Bahasa Melayu next year. Our School Program Team had their hands full with 13 school visits and for the first time, visits by home-schooled children and hearing-impaired children from SK Pendidikan Khas (special education school) to the museum. Much thanks to Cay and her team, Ms Kiew and the museum education department for organising these visits

I hope next year will be just as busy and eventful. Happy guiding, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Author: Museum Volunteers, JMM

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