Remembering Kris

It was indeed a sad day when we heard that our fellow volunteer, Kris Kandiah, passed away after a viral infection brought on by a high diabetic condition.  Kris joined Museum Volunteers in Sept 2012 and graduated on 16 March 2013.  Stuart Wakefield, who was the secretary of MV in 2012, fondly remembers Kris:

Kris receiving his certificate during the graduation ceremony

“I was much saddened to hear of Kris’ sudden demise.  In common with all trainees, his name came up during the occasional progress reviews when he was identified as “the one who always wears a “1 Malaysia” badge”.  However, to me, he soon became known for more than his attire, as our paths crossed a number of times during the course of the training and subsequently.  I had first met Kris when I was in a hurry and he buttonholed me in the JMM Office to make absolutely sure that I had correctly registered his application to become a Volunteer Guide.  After that I spent more time with him and I soon became most pleased to listen to his firsthand and unbiased account of various post WWII events in Malaya.  There seemed to be a measure of mutual pleasure in our exchanges, whilst they also contributed significantly towards my understanding and they provided me with a number of new directions to consider.  I found Kris to be a gentle and unassuming man, and, without doubt, I shall retain fond memories of my short acquaintance with him.”

Kris was first admitted to Tawakal in April but the doctors could not identify the virus he had contracted.  His condition improved but he took a turn for the worse in June and passed away on the 26th.  He will be missed.

Author: Museum Volunteers, JMM

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