Through the Loops: Forts at Gallery C

by Grazia Daminelli

A fort is any construction work erected to strengthen a position against an attack. What was to be defended? Was there any attack, siege, or capitulation? The answer to these questions may help shed light on key events in Malaysia’s history.

In Gallery C of Muzium Negara we find major and minor references to five forts: A Famosa and Fort St. John, both in Melaka; Kuala Kedah Fort on the estuary of the Kedah river; Fort Cornwallis in George Town, Penang; and ‘pillboxes’ in Kelantan. Through them, we can read the colonial history of peninsular Malaysia. But there are many other forts in Malaysia, some of which go back to pre-Islamic history … (continue reading)

Replica of Kacapuri Gateway (Kuala Kedah Fort) at the carpark entrance to Muzium Negara
Image copyright: Jörg Widany

Author: Museum Volunteers, JMM

Museum Volunteers, JMM Taking the Mystery out of History

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  1. Very interesting! Hope to come back to Malaysia and visit the locations and museum

  2. A very interesting and informative article!
    I will definitely plan a trip to a few of these locations!

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